A non-fiction series that travels to neighborhoods across Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and Chennai, and tells the stories of people who keep the hip-hop scene in India alive.
As a part of my role at Supari Studios, I worked to pilot and build out this award-winning non-fiction series.
I have directed the first episode and functioned as Executive Creative Director across Ep 2, 3 and 4.

From a small area in Mumbai comes some of the city's richest hip-hop culture. Watch how hip-hop has transformed this small Mumbai suburb in more ways than one.

(Directed by Nisha Vasudevan)

An abandoned warehouse, a lake, and a whole lot of art make this part of Kolkata a hub for hip-hop, and the areas that used to attract trouble now attract art forms instead.

(Directed by Niyantha Shekar

Spread across two lanes, some of the best Indian rappers have found their beginnings in this Delhi neighbourhood park.

(Directed by Niyantha Shekhar)

In a locality built of oppression, locals are finding a home for their creativity.

(Directed by Niyantha Shekhar)

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