Breaking New Ground is a feature length documentary that explores India's breaking scene.
Breaking is one of the pillars of hip-hop culture, and though rap has really blown up in a post-Gully Boy India, the former has always skirted around the borders of the mainstream. Personally, I've always been fascinated by alternative culture, and even more fascinated by scenes that strive to remain staunchly underground - so the opportunity to document breaking in India really excited me.
This piece is made with a lot of love and heart and we hope the community feel adequately represented - these communities are important because these are the spaces in which young people find themselves, what they identify with, what they love to do, and what they want to be in the future.
I also have to admit that the film medium has its limitations and with a 40 minute duration cap we know that we can only scratch the surface of a scene bubbling with breakers. The narratives in this film belong to so many others in this scene - especially those in the North East, South India and other pockets - and I’d encourage all our viewers to reach out, explore and give opportunities to India's talented, passionate breakers - they fight to grow their scene and to keep it undiluted while doing so with an intensity that can only come from a deep love of their craft and culture.

Some of these scenes will grow. Some won’t. But there’s always going to be a kid somewhere who finds a home in counterculture. And maybe that’s enough.

Conceptualized & Produced by Supari Studios
Directed By Nisha Vasudevan
Executive Producer for Red Bull India - Geethika Chandran
Executive Producers For Supari Studios - Manoti Jain and Advait Gupt
Creative Team - Nandini Godara, Akshat Gupt, Prem Kumar
Director's Assistant - Shashank Rajaram
Assistant Director - Smriti Sukhija
Lead Creative Producer - Ria Concessao
Creative Producer - Madhura Bhaskar
Editor - Amitesh Mukherjee
Assistant Editor - Shubhika Sharma
DOP - Udit Khurana
Asst DOP - Sai Sanil
Motion Graphics and Animation - Post Office Studios
Researcher - Bhanuj Kappal
Camera Team - Tarkash Mehta and Raj Sampad
Production Team - Rohit Pathak, Saloni Dukle, Aman Verma and Sneha Sharma
Transcribers - Ronit Soin, Drishti Soni, Sneha Sharma, Vaibhavi Vasant and Paul Thottan
On-Location Sound - Stanley Mendonca and Team
Line Production - Mohak Gadhok (Mumbai) and Frizzon Productions(Kolkata, Bangalore, Delhi)
Animation Supervisor - Kunal Prabhu(Post Office Studios)
Graphics Team - Omkar Sawant and Pankaj Gole
Animation Team - Shikha Sharma, Sugandha Bansal and Vikas Tiwari
Colour Grade - Adolf
Sound Design and Mastering - P. Dinesh Kumar
Location Courtesy - The Homemade Cafe, Juhu The Bagel Shop, Bandra
Equipment Courtesy - 1 Stop Cine Digital Pvt. Ltd. , Mumbai One Stop Services, Mumbai
Footage Courtesy - Catie Laffoon, Desiré van den Berg, Dmitriy Tibekin, Drew Gurian, Kien Quan, Marc Schwarz, Maria Jose Govea, Diego Gonzalez, Mark Teo, Nika Kramer, Marcelo Maragni, Sergey Illin, Hama Show, Isaac Carne, Now Delhi and Anand Audio
"YOU GOT SERVED - Courtesy of Screen Gems"
Cuny TV, Farah Singh, Anjali Krishna, Angad Bawa, BEAST MODE CREW Bhargav (Bravo), Valentine Gomes, FunKey, Black Ice Crew, Simon Talukdar, Netarpal Singh (Hera), Akshat Nauriyal, Gabriel Stagnaro, Viatcheslav, Nas, Likhith, Hotshot, Divine Torque Crew and Stylez of Beyond Crew
Special Thanks to Zaira Arslan, The Homemade Cafe Team (Abhishek, Gaurav, Kumar, Mukund, Ankit), Niyantha Sekhar, Aastha Chauhan, Abhilasha Nautiyal and Geetanjali Visvanathan (Ira Law)

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