As K-dramas gain popularity in India, we thought it would be super fun to make a short and fun explainer about Hallyu and in particular, K-dramas and their tropes. We featured Supaarwoman and themermaidscales in the video as they are avid fans of Hallyu. The video has fun pop-style graphics and transitions inspired by K-dramas themselves - a fun, frothy explainer on Hallyu and Kdrama catered towards their fan base in India.
Conceptualized and Produced by Supari Studios
Director: Nisha Vasudevan
Executive Producer: Manoti Jain
Senior Creative Producer: Ria Concessao
Producer: Riva Mendonca
Assistant Director: Shashank Rajaram, Ladasha Kapse
DOP: Nikunj Singh
Editor: Amitesh Mukherjee
Prop Shop: White Props
Camera Equipment: 1 Stop Cine Digital
Camera Attendant: Sonu, Abhishek
Light Equipment: Recall Pictures, 1 Stop Cine Digital
Graphics & Animation: What A Story
Chroma Clean Up: Divya Luthra, Ajay R Singh
Colour Grade: Yash Soni
Sound Mix: P Dinesh Kumar

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