Netflix India came to us with  a challenge: how do we get people to understand the features and tools on the app in a fun, relatable way? So we've built out these series of short videos featuring Ahsaas Channa and her mother, Kulbir Channa that showcase the oh-so-relatable ways in which our parents behave when it comes to Netflixing. The entire series has been shot in a casual, normie style and led by Ahsaas' voice itself to help us build a balance between fun content and effective tutorial. 
Conceptualized and Produced by Supari Studios
Cast: Ahsaas Channa, Kulbir Kaur Badesron
Director: Faizan Ansari
Executive Creative Director: Nisha Vasudevan
Creative Director and Writer: Nandini Godara
Executive Producer: Manoti Jain
Senior Creative Producer: Ria Concessao
Creative Producer: Shreyan Ghosh
Assistant Director: Shrilekha Gaherwar
DOP: Saket Gyani
Art Director: Richa Akuria
Art Assistants: Harees Mohammad
Production Supervisor: llyas Shaikh
Production Assistant: Hussain
Camera Equipment: 1 Stop Cine Digital
Editors: Shahnawaz Khan, Rajdeep Mitra
Post Producer: Shreyan Tito
Designer: Viraj Nemlekar
Motion Design: Wayne Fernandes
Colourist: Sahil Amin
Special thank you to Prachi Vasant

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