Hi, I'm Nisha Vasudevan!

Creative Director • Writer/Filmmaker • Animator/Illustrator

Cute As Hell
Baby Elephant Befriends Baby Void
Lexicon For Lypophrenia
36DaysOfType (2018)
Wolves Howl The Night Into Existence
Excuse Me, Is It Over Yet?
Miscellaneous GIFs
MTV 20
Illustrations for a microsite created for MTV India's 20th anniversary
Vineesha Weds Bhavesh
Football Leaks
Illustrations for The Black Sea's 'Football Leaks' series
Dog and Family
Character Design (Pitch)
Cow, Hen & Robin
Character Design (Pitch Illustrations)
Vh1 Supersonic - Above & Beyond
Client: VH1 Supersonic Animation for an Above & Beyond aftermovie.
The Jerk Store
Cat Dreaming Of Ocean Fish
Digital Painting Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop
Ex Libris
Book Plate / Kindle Cover
Wasa-bee, maker of hot-shit
Digital Painting Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop
The World For All Planner
Illustrations for the World For All re-usable annual planner
Flamingos are pink 'coz of the bubblegum they eat
Digital Painting Sketchbook Pro, Photoshop
Bears dance in space while we sleep
Digital Painting Sketchbook Pro, Photoshop
Beating Heart EP - The Moody Caterpillars
Album art for Beating Heart EP by The Moody Caterpillars.
Oh, Rocket - clever.clever
Album art for Oh, Rocket's debut EP titled 'clever.clever.'
A Grumble of Pugs
Digital Painting Sketchbook Pro
They love to sing-a
Digital Painting Sketchbook Pro, Photoshop
Elephant patiently waits to be served nachos
Mixed-Media Ink, Photoshop
Portrait of a baby camel who has dropped his turban
Digital Painting Sketchbook Pro
Sea Monster
Mixed Media Ink, Photoshop
Illustrated series of some of my poetry
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